Coca‑Cola HBC has a rich heritage and an exciting future.

Coca-Cola truck

A local business with international roots. Coca‑Cola comes to Belarus

  • 1994 Business operations started in Belarus
  • 1996 Beginning of the long-term cooperation with Belarusian Child's Fund
  • 1997 Coca‑Cola plant in Minsk is built
Belarusian Republican Youth Union Forum

An era of growth

  • 2001 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus becomes a member of Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
  • 2002 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus starts a long-term community programme Coca‑Cola Caravan
  • 2006 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus joins UN Global agreement
Let's Save Yelnya Together Programme
"Let's Save Yelnya Together!" project
  • 2007 Long-term ambitious environmental programme “Let’s Save Yelnya Together!” starts
  • 2008 First CSR Report published
  • 2009 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus opens departments in regions: Pinsk, Molodechno, Slutsk, Polotsk and Mozyr.
  • 2009 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus recognized as “Best employer” in “Socially responsible brand” nomination of Brand of the Year award
  • 2012 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus implements SAP system



Best entrepreneur of 2012
  • 2012 Honoree of “Best entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus” award
  • 2012 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus signs partnership agreement with Red Cross Belarus
  • 2013 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus signs partnership agreement with Ministry for Emergency
  • 2013 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus becomes the official partner of Ice Hockey World Championship which was organised in Belarus for the first time


Youth Empowered programme
#YouthEmpowered Programme
  • 2014 Coca‑Cola Belarus is an honored partner of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and takes part in the Olympic Torch Relay
  • 2016 We start distributing Coca‑Cola Zero in Belarus
  • 2016 Implementation of Integrated Competitive Supply Chain (ICSC) which improves the efficiency of crossfunctional cooperation, cost optimization and business processes standardization
  • 2016 Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus signs partnership agreement with Belarusian Gymnastics Association
  • 2017 Start of #YouthEmpowered programme in Belarus