On July 11, 2019 employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus together with the students of International Summer School for Youth have taken part in the cleaning and landscaping of the shores of Lake Beloye in Grodno region

A system of sand-water sewage separators has been installed there recently. The volunteers sowed grass on the separators to strengthen soil, installed metal obstructions and collected rubbish along the lakefront.

It is one of Coca‑Cola goals to return to communities and to nature an amount of water equivalent to what we use in all of our beverages and their production. Coca‑Cola is committed to nature and environment protection through locally relevant projects. Sponsorship of sand-water sewage separators installment and cleaning of the shores of Lake Beloye is a good example of impact investments in sustainability made by such a huge and responsible business as Coca‑Cola Marina Borovko, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus

The campaign was held as part of “Sustainable Water Resources Management System of the republican landscape reserve "Ozery” through the preservation of the unique natural complexes of Lake Beloye and the rational use of its resource potential” project, implemented by International Public Association "Ecological Initiative "BURENCO-plus" under the financial support of the joint program “New World” of The Coca‑Cola Foundation (USA) and the Global Water Challenge (USA). The aim of the project is to create a system of sustainable management of water resources of the republican landscape reserve “Ozery” and to support ecological balance of lake Beloye ecosystem.

Lake Beloye is the largest lake in Grodno region, which forms a single integral wetland system characterized by unique natural complexes with a great biodiversity, including over 30 species listed in the Red Book of Belarus. And today this lake is under the threat of serious pollution Dmitry Morozik, Director of State environmental institution "Republican landscape reserve "Ozery"

There is an agro-town Ozery located on the shores of Lake Beloye with a total population of over 3 000 inhabitants. Moreover, this area is visited annually by a large number of tourists. In addition, the P-145 highway with heavy traffic passes close to the lake, affecting the water, as it becomes polluted with oil products, engine oils and lubricants, heavy metals, salts, etc. As a result, a surface layer is formed on the waterbody that prevents penetration of oxygen and leads to death of aquatic organisms, because of its toxic, mutagenic and endogenous nature.

According to the project’s implementation plan, preliminary works have been carried out in the agro-town, including installation of sand-oil water sewage separators, which will positively result in decreasing suspended solids and oil products in the lake’s water. Their concentration in the water should be no more than 10 mg / l and 0.05 mg / l respectively.

It is also planned to install a specialized water deferrization equipment at the premises that will allow to provide pure and safe water to local population and tourists. Additionally, a hydrotechnical facility will be installed between lakes Beloye and Rybnitsa to decrease reduction of water surface. This factor is very essential to remain stable water level in the lake and to keep the lake’s natural ecosystem.