Water is the main ingredient in our products, so responsible water use is very important for Coca‑Cola HBC's business, and we do our best to preserve and replenish water resources.

On October 16, Coca‑Cola HBC representatives and partners from local non-profit organizations met at the annual Coca‑Cola Water forum. The event was held in Athens, because Greece is one of the key markets located in the water risk zone. Promising water strategies, opportunities and risks associated with them were discussed at the forum. Participants focused on three aspects of water management:

  • more efficient water use in operations and throughout the supply chain through technical innovations;
  • implementation of water resource management initiatives in countries through partnerships with state and non-state organizations;
  • training people to use water more efficiently and responsibly.
"As long as we remain open to new ideas and strive to listen and hear others, we can find ways to implement innovative solutions" Zoran Bogdanovich, CEO, Coca‑Cola HBC

On the second day of the forum, participants visited the Schimatari factory to learn more about Coca‑Cola's most innovative water technologies in action. Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus participated in the forum with our key partners in projects related to water resources:

Last week, with the financial support of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus and under the guidance of expert Ivan Russkikh, Belarusian schoolchildren performed at the international science and technology fair MOSTRATEC-2019 in Brazil. They returned to Belarus with a silver medal for their eco-projects. Through these partnerships, our company remains a leader in environmental protection and restoration, involving local communities in initiatives to protect water resources, create a world without waste, and develop young people and women.