Specialized integrated play sports grounds have been opened in Rogachev and Zhodino

Street Workout movement is annually growing popularity in our country. One of the reasons thereof is that everyone can do Street Workout trainings, regardless of sex, age or overall physical condition

The cooperation between the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” and Street Workout youth movement dates back to 2012. In 2014 the Enterprise provided legal and financial support, as well as administrative support to movement’s activists to create a public association “Street Workout” Federation”. Street Workout is a physical activity based on trainings with the use of one's own weight. It combines basic elements of physical training and gymnastics.

In compliance with the principles of corporate social responsibility the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” directs its activities to promote sports among the population, attract young people to do sports, create conditions for an active and healthy lifestyle, including people with disabilities.

Since 2012 15 Street Workout sports grounds have been built and opened in Minsk, Pinsk, Niesvizh, Grodno, Smolevichy, Slonim, Smorgon, Osipovichi, Bobruisk, Gomel, Vileika, in the state educational institution “Specialized Lyceum at the Civil Defense University of the Ministry of Emergency of the Republic of Belarus” and the national children’s educational and health-improving center “Zubrenok” due to administrative and financial support provided by the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya”, Republican public association “Belarusian Child’s Fund” and the district executive committees. All the sports grounds were built at the expense of The Coca‑Cola Foundation.

In the beginning of July a real sports holiday was organized in two Belarusian towns: 2 new specialized integrated play sports grounds for children and youth, including young people with disabilities, were opened in Zhodino and Rogachev. The specialized integrated play sports grounds will contribute to health promotion and socialization of children and youth with disabilities, create an environment for equal communication with peers.

street workout_zhodino 2018 street workout_zhodino 2018

The size of both play sports grounds is about 1000 sq. meters. They are located in densely populated town areas. There is a mini-football field, an area with street anti-vandal exercise equipment, including people with disabilities, a Street Workout ground, including gymnastic apparatus for young people with disabilities and a recreation zone for comfortable communication and rest.

street workout_zhodino 2018(1) street workout_zhodino 2018(1)

The festive opening ceremony was visited by locals, sportsmen from the public association “Street Workout” Federation”, A.V. Roschupkin, First Deputy General Manager of the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya”, A.V. Trukhan, Director of the Republican public association “Belarusian Child’s Fund”. In Rogachev the opening ceremony was attended by V.A. Shchepov, Chairperson of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on Economic Policy, P.V. Berezinsky, Deputy Chairman of Rogachev District Executive Committee. The opening ceremony of the integrated sports ground in Zhodino was attended by N.М. Sushko, Chairman of Zhodino Town Council of Deputies, N.M. Dudkina, Deputy Head of Education, Sports and Tourism Department of Zhodino Executive Committee.

During the ceremony athletes demonstrated their skills and entertained the public. All the guests could take part in sports contests, receive souvenirs and get positive energy for the whole day.

We sincerely would like all people to have equal opportunities for doing sports – for this purpose we build and open such sports grounds as in Zhodino and Rogachev. Doing sports makes us happier and more successful.