The award ceremony of the international competition for partnership programs to achieve sustainable development goals was held in Kiev.

On December 19 social and environmental project “Kind Avos’ka” received the final award in the “Planet” category at Partnership for Sustainability Award 2019 of UN Global Compact in Ukraine. The project of Ukrainian business division of Coca‑Cola HBC group of companies to help high school students from boarding schools in professional development “Youth Empowered” was awarded in the final as well.

80 cases from 4 countries were presented in four nominations: “Society”, “Planet”, “Economic Development” and “World”. All initiatives reflected the result of a successful partnership between business and social organizations, local governments, state authorities, educational institutions. Projects were evaluated by the jury: Carlo Pereira (Executive Director of Global Compact Network in Brazil), Antonio Hatle (Executive Director of Global Compact Network in Switzerland), Salma Budina (Global Compact Network in Marocco), Hugo Von Meyenfeldt (Executive Director of Global Compact Network in the Netherlands).

“Following global trends, Belarus should be ready to significantly reduce use of plastic by 2021 with no harm to business and consumers, that is, us. On the example of “Kind Avos’ka” project Coca‑Cola shows to the society one of the cases of quickly implemented zero waste tools to replace a plastic bag with a long-term eco-bag. Project idea appeared through the “brainstorm” of the team and management. We were looking for new ways to solve environmental problems in Belarus and discussed eco-bags, including avos’kas. At some point of the discussion, Alexander Denisov, General Manager Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus, remembered that in the Soviet Union avos’kas were made by visually impaired people. This became a key point, as the project would solve several tasks at once: to reduce the use of plastic and to employ women with visual disabilities. The initial part of the project required a study on avos’kas to assess its effectiveness and to choose the partner and zoompoints”. Marina Borovko, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus, comments on the prestigious award

Now “Kind Avos’ka” is available on sale in the first store of zero waste goods ZERRO in “Siluet” mall in Minsk. Moreover, the product of YP “Filter” has received a declaration of conformity, which allows the company to officially supply avos’kas in bulk on the territory of the EAEU to any legal entities. One avos’ka replaces 400 plastic bags per person a year and helps to employ visually impaired people.

Tatyana Saharuk, Head of the Board of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine, mentioned the importance of cooperation to achieve sustainable development goals: “This year, at all world meetings and forums, it was said that the time for a green business transformation has come. But some companies use green washing and SDG-washing, in fact not implementing transformation, but reporting on it. That’s why it is important to talk and award the companies that contribute to implementation of sustainable development goals”.

About the UN Global Compact

The Un Global Compact Network in Ukraine is the official representative of the UN Global Compact Network, the initiative of the UN that unites the UN and companies all around the world, acts as a translator of sustainable development goals, and is a dialogue platform for business, investors, civil society, labor organizations, local governments and administrations.