On December 3, national Best Products of The Year Award ceremony was held, where the representatives of best production companies from all over the country gathered.

The organizers of the Award assesed the quality of the production on organoleptic and chemical-biological characteristics in the laboratory. The study was conducted by independent expert commission, and there were no manufactures specified on products.

          According to the results of the analysis, our company was awarded the Grand Prix for stable quality on Best Products of The Year Award. Seven products under The Coca‑Cola Company trademark received diplomas of the winners of the competition in the following nominations:

  • Carbonated soft drinks with sugar — Carbonated soft drink Coca‑Cola, carbonated soft drink Fanta Orange
  • Carbonated soft drinks without sugar — Carbonated soft drink Coca‑Cola Lemon
  • Carbonated soft energy drinks Energy drink Burn
  • Juices — Apple juice, “Dobry” trademark
  • Non-carbonated drinking water — Pure non-carbonated drinking water BonAqua
  • Juice drinks — “Moya Semya” Cherry Mint

The experts of the competition mentioned high quality of our company’s products since 2007. The competition was organized by scientific and practical food center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Belarusian society for consumer protection “Ecobrain”.