Juices & still drinks

Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus offers a wide range of still soft drinks.

Our still drinks range from juices and juice-based drinks.

Still drink FUZE TEA

The name of the brand embodies the idea of fusion - a combination of various natural ingredients that preserves the integrity and harmony of taste.

FUZE TEA product collection: "FUZE TEA" Black tea Lemon",  "FUZE TEA" Black tea Forest berries",  "FUZE TEA" Black tea Peach", "FUZE TEA" Green tea Citrus", "FUZE TEA" Green tea Strawberry and Raspberry".

Package sizes: 0,33 L; 0,5 L; 1 L; 1,5 L.

Juices and juice drinks

We offer a range of fruit and fruit-based drinks in a variety of flavors and packages to suit each taste. We distribute and sell juices, nectars and fruit drinks under the brands Dobriy, RICH, Moya Semya, Joy and Dobriy Pulpy.

Dobriy Juice

"Dobriy" Juices and Nectars

Package sizes:

0,2 L

0,33 L

1 L

2 L

RICH Orange

"RICH" Juices and Nectars

Package sizes:

0,2 L

1 L

Dobriy Pulpy

"Dobriy Pulpy" juice drink

Package sizes:

0,45 L

0,9 L

"Moya Semya" juice drink

Package sizes:

1 L

1,93 L