Our approach

As we grow our business, we seek to do so sustainably over the long term so that ecosystems are preserved for future generations.


We are on track of meeting our Mission 2025 sustainability commitments. The table provides data on the progress of each of the six sustainability pillars. For more information, please see our 2019 Integrated Annual Report and 2019 GRI Content Index.


As part of our stewardship strategy, we partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations to preserve and protect the environment and biodiversity 


We're an active member of the community, bringing economic benefits through our core business activities while also supporting community investment programs

Join #YouthEmpowered

Over 2300 young and ambitious Belarusians have been trained under the #YouthEmpowered program since 2017 and started their own business. 

The Coca-Cola System in the world aims to inspire more than 1 million young people through the #YouthEmpowered program by 2025.