Our Vision, Strategy and Purpose

Our vision, strategy and purpose

We believe in what we do and we believe it matters to our business and beyond

Our purpose motivates our people to make a meaningful contribution – not just to our business but to society as a whole. It expresses our love for our brands, the passion we have for our business, our care for one another and our optimism which keeps our aspirations and expectations high.


Our Growth Mindset Values

Everything starts with our values. They are what make us different and motivate, inspire and energize us to help us reach our goals.

We are the selling organization devoted to providing innovative solutions to create shared value.

We believe in our people and have a passion to develop ourselves and others.

We strive for unparalleled performance by amazing customers with our passion and speed.

We always do what is right, not just what is easy, and are accountable for the results.

We listen, have a natural curiosity to learn, and are empowered to take smart risks.

We collaborate with agility to unlock the unique strength of diverse teams.  

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Leverage our unique 24/7 portfolio

When we take account of our rate of innovation, new product launches and reformulations, we have a product range that we can deploy across high value occasions and channels to create value from the substantial growth opportunities that exist.

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Win in the marketplace

Just as our portfolio is now more consumer-centric, our sales approach is becoming more customer-centric – while at the same time evolving to provide the strongest, boldest, and most flexible portfolio to an even wider range of customers. We use increasingly sophisticated market and customer insights to create category strategies, which unlock growth across various channels and create joint value for both our customers and Coca‑Cola HBC. 

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Fuel growth through competitiveness & investment

We have a strong track record of driving efficiency and savings. Since 2015, we have taken a lot of cost out of the business, but there are always smarter and faster ways to operate which allow us to accelerate investments for growth into areas like cold drink equipment, production and logistics infrastructure, customer service and the capabilities of our people.

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Cultivate the potential of our people

Coca‑Cola HBC is made up of more than 28,000 passionate, diverse and committed professionals. Identifying, nurturing and cultivating their talent is key. Our structure, large geographical footprint, and the diversity of markets provides our people with valuable and versatile operational experience. In turn, this comprehensive understanding of our business allows them to make a tangible contribution to our growth. 

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Earn our licence to operate

Enriching communities, caring for the environment and ensuring we act in a sustainable and ethical manner is central to our ethos. In 2018 we introduced a new set of ambitious sustainability targets, and have embarked on the World Without Waste journey with The Coca‑Cola Company. We also continue to reduce emissions from our operations and focus our minds and actions on water use and stewardship, ingredient sourcing, nutrition, wellness and wellbeing within our organization and our communities.


2021 - 2025 targets

In 2016, we set out ambitious medium-term growth targets for 2020, which we have either consistently met or are well on track to meet. In light of this progress, we have communicated a new set of targets, which underline our 2025 vision.

  • 5-6% FX-neutral revenue growth per annum, on average
  • 20-40bps EBIT margin growth per annum, on average
  • Employee engagement score greater than the high performing norm
  • Accomplish Mission 2025 sustainability commitments