Sustainability approach

Sustainability approach

Corporate responsibility and sustainability defines every aspect of our business

Corporate responsibility and sustainability is an indispensable part of Coca‑Cola HBC’s culture. It guides our decisions and long-term investments to ensure we deliver lasting value.

The three strategic objectives at the core of Coca‑Cola HBC’s sustainability approach are:

  • Promoting health & wellness
  • Minimizing our environmental impact
  • Giving back to our communities
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Health & wellness

We promote health & wellness through:

  • Using evidence-based science
  • Innovating
  • Offering choice
  • Informing with transparency
  • Marketing responsibly
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We minimize our environmental impact in the whole value chain through implementing, where appropriate, specific targets to:

  • Reduce our water, energy usage and produced waste
  • Drastically decrease our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Improve packaging, increase recovery and recycling, decrease waste to landfill
  • Source sustainably


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We’re giving back to our communities by:

  • Creating a positive socio-economic impact where we do business
  • Supporting community water and environment stewardship programmes
  • Implementing internship programmes and partnering with educational institutions to address youth employment
  • Partnering with international societies to provide emergency relief across our footprint