Business school “From Idea to Business”: how to implement a business idea into a prospective business project

For many years the development of gifted and talented youth has been one of the major priorities of the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya”

The Enterprise initiates and supports numerous educational programs, contests, conferences and Olympiads: Republican Law Student Competition, Republican Contest of Social projects “Social Weekend”, International Scientific Conference "Sakharov Readings” and International Scientific Conference “Actual Environmental Problems” for young scientists, students, master’s students, postgraduates (in cooperation with International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University), Stockholm Junior Water Prize National Final Contest (in cooperation with the Republican center for Ecology and Ethnography).

The project Business school “From Idea to Business” has been successfully implemented for the second year by the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya”, State youth business incubator "Youth Social Service" and “Business razvitie”, SLC. Business school "From Idea to Business" is a part of the international Youth Empowered program, which is successfully implemented by Coca‑Cola HBC Group in 28 countries. The project is designed to promote the development of Belarusian youth entrepreneurship.

The main goal of the Program is to help young people to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills, to increase their financial and legal literacy, to provide them with a clear plan for further professional actions, proven solutions, technologies and tools to manage their own business in the future.


Business school "From Idea to Business" opened its friendly doors to young people in February 2017. By the end of 2017 319 young entrepreneurs aged 18-29 were trained in the business school. As a rule, the majority of young people, who come to the business school, already have a business idea in their minds and an array of questions, which prevent them from making the main step in their career – to start their own business. While studying in the business school young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to ask questions of concern to them and to receive practical and valuable advice in the field of law and taxation, accounting and finance from successful professionals, mentors, active businessmen, and business coaches. Some graduates of the Program can already today be proud of their own business which they were able to organize because of strong belief in themselves and their capabilities.

Three-day training program includes lectures, workshops, business games, real business case studies, panel discussions and mentoring from successful professionals ready to share their knowledge and experience. Young people are also taught how to take decisions on difficult issues and business tasks. Financial and legal principles, project management and fund-raising, marketing and human recourses management and many other essential topics are also covered during the trainings. Some trainings are held in the format of a "round table" with participation of experts.

A pleasant bonus of this year’s Program is an organized excursion to the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya”, during which young people get acquainted with the Company's activities, hear the story of the most loved sparkling drink in the world, visit the plant, where they have a unique opportunity to see the process of preparing the legendary drink with their own eyes.


Traditionally Functional Managers of the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” take part in business schools as mentors. They share their success stories, knowledge and valuable experience with the youth.


During the trainings young people study the examples of best start-ups, get experience in solving untypical and complex problems, realizing their creative and entrepreneurial potential, as well as experience in presenting their business projects - thus, learning in the business school "From Idea to Business" is of extraordinary practical value for each participant.


In 2018 it is planned to organize 25 business schools “From Idea to Business” to be attended by 750 young people, including people from regions. In 2018 as well as in 2017 specialized business schools will be implemented in the following business areas: Finance, Franchise, Beauty Business, Advertising Business, Business Promotion (SMM, YouTube), Women’s entrepreneurship, Manufacturing of women’s clothes, Brand creation. An inclusive Business school for people with disabilities will be also organized this year.

Business school “From Idea to Business” provides an opportunity to get a lot of useful and professional information for the development of one’s business idea or business project within the shortest terms and on a free basis.

It is also amazing that guys always give feedback after attending the school and help us become better.


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