GASTROFEST: taste of summer with Coca‑Cola

The Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” is an official partner of summer Gastronomy Festival that takes place in Minsk from June, 14 through October, 31

An open-air food-court area “PESOCHNITSA” has been specially opened for “Gastrofest. Street Food” this year. During the whole summer in one of Minsk cozy patios citizens and guests of our city will have a great opportunity to spend their leisure time in the open air, taste new dishes and listen to live music. “PESOCHNITSA” occupies an area of 3000 sq. meters to be able to contain a cooking area, an activities area and a recreation zone. Among other activities located in the food-court area “PESOCHNITSA” there’s a stage, a teetering board and a real sand-pit. In the evenings everyone can enjoy music performances by Belarusian famous cover bands and DJs.

pesochnitsa 2018 pesochnitsa 2018

Numerous food trucks are happy to offer their sets for 7 rubles. The sets are made of dishes representing different world’s cuisines: American burgers, Asian noodles, British fish and chips and Belarusian potato pancakes. Food trucks’ menus will be changed every two-three weeks.  

The Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” supports “Gastrofest. Street Food”, which means that everyone can enjoy the beverages the Enterprise produces when visiting “PESOCHNITSA”. Summer Coca‑Cola photo zones and a branded recreation area have been specially arranged for comfortable communication and cool pictures.

Gastrofest is a series of festivals that are highly popular among devotees of delicious food and drinks. While the festivals best restaurants and cafes in the segment offer their best sets at a fixed price. Every Gastrofest is thematical. This year the citizens of Minsk have had an opportunity to visit Gastrofest. Coffee and Gastrofest. Craft, as well as one week Festival devoted to St. Patrick’s Day, and taste sets upon famous films. Apart from Minsk, Gastrofests take place in some regional centers of Belarus — Grodno, Brest, Gomel.

pesochnitsa 2018 (1) pesochnitsa 2018 (1)

This is the second year in a row when the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” supports Gastrofest. In 2017 during “Gastrofest. Street Food” every restaurant’s set contained a bottle of Coca‑Cola or Coca‑Cola Zero. Coca‑Cola also organized a special quest for visitors. When buying a set, a visitor could hand in a “GastroQuest” card, collect stamps and exchange them for presents: a branded bottle opener, a contour glass or supply of Coca‑Cola in a handy packaging.

Visit our summer open-air food-court area “PESOCHNITSA” and enjoy a perfect combination of food and drinks!