Minsk Half Marathon 2018 with BONAQUA!

In 2018 the brand BONAQUA became drinking partner of Minsk Half Marathon which was held on September, 9

Everyone knows how important to keep water balance, especially when running at long distances. This is the reason why we decided to organize four water stops at distances 21,1 km, 10,55 km and one water stop with water 0,5 L at the finish for all participants. In total 25 263 liters of clean drinking water were distributed among the participants of Minsk Half Marathon.

Half marathon 2018 Half marathon 2018

Runners from over 50 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Kenya, Australia, the USA, Costa Rica, Mexico came to Minsk to take part in Minsk Half Marathon. Our nearest neighbors – the Russians from 89 towns also joined Minsk Half Marathon. Over 35 thousand amateur runners took part in the sports event.

Half marathon 2018 (1) Half marathon 2018 (1)

36 Enterprise employees threw down a challenge to themselves and chose one of three possible distances: 21,1 km, 10,55 km, 5,5 km. During the whole month they have been training together with the Belarus Athletic Federation movement #followminsk to be prepared for Minsk Half Marathon. Training sessions were organized in Victory Park and included warmings up, running exercises and cool down exercises. Altogether our employees covered a distance of 330 kilometers.

Half marathon 2018 (2) Half marathon 2018 (2)

Among participants of Minsk Half Marathon were famous Belarusians. The Dream Team was made of Vladimir Koltovich, Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus, Ella Selitskaya, Deputy Minister on Taxes and Duties, Vadim Devyatovskiy, Head of the Belarus Athletic Federation, Sergei Kovalchuk, Minister of Sports and Tourism, Fionna Gibb, British Ambassador to Belarus, Igor Lihogrud, Chairman of board in the Bank Moscow-Minsk, Maria Vasilevich, “Miss Belarus – 2018”.

Abebe Negevo Degefa from Ethiopia became a winner of Minsk Half Marathon 2018 at a distance of 21,1 km. Sheila Jerotich from Kenya became a winner among women. The Belarusian athlete Sviatlana Kudelich won silver medal. All finishers got exclusive medals as a reminder about their participation in Minsk Half Marathon 2018.

A large number of competitions were held for fans during Minsk Half Marathon: a competition for the best image or costume, for the best video and a poster of a fan, a competition for the brightest and most united family and sports couple.

Minsk Half Marathon is a young event. The first competition was held in 2013 during the celebration of the Minsk City Day. This experience was successful and it was decided to make it a traditional event during the Minsk City Day, the second weekend of September.