The legendary energy drink MONSTER ENERGY has been launched in Belarusian market

On June, 11 the legendary energy drink MONSTER ENERGY was launched in Belarus, which means that its numerous army of fans would be replenished by fans from Belarus

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MONSTER ENERGY is not just an energy drink, but an embodiment of an uncontrollable lifestyle, everyone would like to join and experience. The brand philosophy is based on extreme sports, punk rock music, online games and beautiful girls. The success of MONSTER brand lies in the army of its fans. MONSTER supports competitions in motocross, auto racing, BMX, snowboarding and skateboarding. MONSTER helps music groups and extreme sportsmen turn their passion into a career and realize their dreams.

The energy drinks sector in Belarus is the fastest growing segment in the category of soft drinks. The Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” is the official distributor of the new drink. Monster Beverage Corporation – one of the world’s leader in the production of energy drinks – is the owner of the drink’s and the brand’s formula. In 2015 The Coca‑Cola Company and Monster Beverage Corporation announced about a long-term cooperation and combined their product portfolios in the USA and Canada. The essence of the cooperation is clear: Coca‑Cola transferred the management of the energy drinks Burn, NOS, Full Throttle, Mother, Play, Power Play and Relentless to Monster Beverage Corporation. And Monster Beverage Corporation transferred the management of soft drinks to The Coca‑Cola Company.