#BeSanta: the Coca‑Cola Christmas Caravan charitable campaign has taken place across Belarus

The traditional Coca‑Cola Christmas Caravan campaign is targeted to support children in orphanages and boarding schools.


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The traditional Coca‑Cola Christmas Caravan campaign is targeted to support children in orphanages and boarding schools.

The campaign is mutually organized by Representation office of Coca‑Cola Ukraine in Belarus and the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiaya”. Media partner in 2018 – TUT.BY.

Together with professional event organizers Coca‑Cola volunteers annually create magical Christmas mood by taking active part in the New Year's holiday for the children who are in difficult life situations. Realizing the importance and significance of their mission, Coca‑Cola volunteers bring gifts and organize festive program in orphanages and boarding schools to surround children with their attention, tenderness and care, which they extremely miss.

This year Coca‑Cola system’s volunteers have initiated and carried out several events under the charitable campaign: a master class on gift wrapping, gifts collection in the shopping mall “Zamok” (Minsk) where every citizen of Belarus could bring a present for a child from an orphanage, as well as collection and wrapping of gifts brought by Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus’s employees, a visit to the orphanage and presenting children with the gifts. Altogether, over 700 packed gifts were brought to children in orphanages and boarding schools.


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During a specially organized master class Coca‑Cola volunteers learned how to pack gifts, so that they were able to pack over 280 gifts for children.

Coca‑Cola volunteers festively packed 178 gifts for children in the shopping mall “Zamok”. After all, every gift would undoubtedly find its recipient and deliver a minute of joy and hope.

Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus’s employees also collected, packed and delivered to boarding school №7 (Minsk) 111 gifts. In addition to gifts, the children from the boarding school received an entertaining New Year’s program with roundelays, master classes, fairy-tale characters, Coca‑Cola white bears, and, of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Each child in the orphanage is individual, requiring attention and kindness. Coca‑Cola white bears were especially popular with the children. The children could not stop hugging them and believing in the New Year's miracle.

The volunteers and teachers painted postcards, wrote down their cherished wishes and congratulations on holidays, decorated their works with glitters.

Energized with good mood, each child received an anticipated gift. Those children, who could not attend the festive program, would also receive their beautifully packaged gift boxes from the teachers.


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For 17 years, the Coca‑Cola Christmas Caravan has traveled a long way across Belarus, visited big cities and small towns and made thousands of kids happy on New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

We would like to thank all Coca‑Cola system’s volunteers-employees for active participation in Coca‑Cola Christmas Caravan charitable campaign, for their kind hearts and for their ability to show emotional involvement in children’s lives.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!



The Coca‑Cola system in Belarus consists of the Unitary Enterprise “Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya” that produces soft drinks and drinking water and Representation office of Coca‑Cola Ukraine in Belarus that studies the product markets and investment opportunities. The Coca‑Cola Foundation is an important part of the Coca‑Cola system. The grants thereof are aimed at support of various social projects in the Republic of Belarus.