Coca‑Cola Energy: new energy drink with great taste and positive vibe

Coca‑Cola Company has announced the extension of its portfolio with the launch of new energy drink Coca‑Cola Energy: since April 2019 the drink has appeared in 25 countries, including Belarus.

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In the Belarusian market, the new product will go on sale in early December 2019. Coca‑Cola Energy contains caffeine from natural sources, guarana extract, B-complex and doesn’t contain taurine. The drink will be available in 250 ml cans.

Coca‑Cola Energy is characterized by the presence of ingredients from natural sources and great refreshing taste of Coca‑Cola. These characteristics formed the basis for the recipe of our new drink that we are proud to offer under Coca‑Cola brand. It is intended to complement active life rhythm.

Javier Meza Global marketing director for carbonated drinks of The Coca‑Cola Company


The Coca Cola Company keeps extending its portfolio all around the world so that people can choose whatever they want more at a given moment — from organic tea, juices or water to coffee and new Coca‑Cola flavors. The launch of Coca‑Cola Energy is another step in this direction.

In support of the launch of Coca‑Cola Energy, a marketing campaign aimed primarily at young audience (18 to 35 years old) is being launched. The new brand will be promoted in accordance with the principles of UNESDA and responsible marketing policy. It means that we don’t organize tasting of the drink in schools and near them.

During 2019 and 2020 we are planning to launch Coca‑Cola Energy in other countries as well. And we will definitely inform you about our plans.

Javier Meza Global marketing director for carbonated drinks of The Coca‑Cola Company