Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus knows which button should be rubbed for good luck, fortune, and safety

The opening ceremony of the fireman’s sculpture in Gorodskoy Val was held on 1 June


coca-cola-min-of-emergency coca-cola-min-of-emergency


Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya was a special guest and partner of that historical event, as the company had effectively cooperated with the Emergency Ministry for many years. Yury Anushko, the sculptor who had been working up the design since May 2018, stressed that the sculpture represented a collective image of a fireman and rescuer of the late XIX – early XX centuries.


For 25 years Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya has provided high standards for beverages in the Belarusian market; the company is 24/7 solicitous about safety of its employees and consumers. Over the years, our cooperation with the Emergency Ministry has exceed the scope of purely business issues. Today we cooperate to implement a number of educational projects, which are of importance for this country and provide professional development opportunities for the junior rescuers

Marina Borovko PA&C Manager

It is no mere chance that the date of opening the sculpture coincided with celebration of the International Children’s Day. The party planners wanted to draw attention of the guests to the most important issue, namely fire prevention discipline, especially in hot days of the summer holidays. A variety of entertainments was organized for children, such as competitions, quests, quizzes, thrill rides so that to teach in a playful manner to prevent dangerous situations and take correct initial safety steps. Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya provided beverages for all participants and prizes for quiz winners. Great classical music played by the brass band of the Minsk City Administration of the Emergency Ministry added solemnity to the event.


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On the same day, the restored Fire and Emergency Rescue Museum of the Emergency Ministry of the Republic of Belarus reopened its doors. The Museum holdings amount to about 5000 showpieces telling about the historical background of fire fighting in Belarus, the way people put the fire out in the middle-aged Minsk, the way the first fire-fighters looked like, and work of fire brigades in our time.

Pretty soon, the local residents and visitors of Minsk will get an opportunity to relax in the café to be opened in the building of the oldest Belarusian fire station. You will be able to enjoy Coca‑Cola beverages there. But before you visit the café, be sure to take a picture with a brave fireman and rub the sculpture’s button for your wish to come true. The First Deputy Minister of Emergency Alexander Khudoleyev promised that it would certainly come true.