Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus’s volunteers in cooperation with partners put out the ecological fire and planted spruces, pines and rowan

Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus systematically implements projects to restore and preserve the environment.


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Forestlands’ destruction has become a global environmental disaster because of bark beetles’ activity. Regrettably, Belarus has not been spared this scourge - about half of all forests are at risk of being affected by this 4 mm parasite. Sanitary logging is the most effective way to combat bark beetle, which results in tens of thousands of hectares of devasted lands.

It would be impossible to cope with reforestation problem at the country level without active participation of volunteers. Over the past 15 years Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus’s employees annually visit areas destroyed by bark beetles, wind storms to plant a few thousand spruces and pines.

This year is no exception! Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus became a drinking partner of a large-scale project organized by Belarusian Environmental Movement NGO in Krasnopolsky district, Mogilev region. Employees of the Mogilev branch of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus together with a large group of volunteers planted a record number of coniferous trees - 100 thousand seedlings per day.

Employees of the central office of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus together with representatives of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus, International Sakharov Environmental Institute and Business Development ALC planted over 5,500 thousand seedlings in Pukhovichi district, Minsk region.

Environmental problems can not be solved either during a week or one day, so we implement long-term complex projects on forest restoration and preservation of wetlands to fulfill the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus also makes proposals for improvement of waste collection and management mechanisms.

Andrei Roschupkin First Deputy General Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus

 On April, 22 top managers of Belarusian businesses together with the National Coordinator on Implementation of SDGs in Belarus and representatives of UN agencies planted an alley of 17 rowan trees in the center of Minsk in support of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.