Coca‑Cola and street-food at Vulitsa Ezha festival

You no longer need to go anywhere for new experiences, as leisure day in the city will be remembered if spent in the company of your family and friends in the right place. 12 thousand of guests who visited the Vulitsa Ezha city picnic in the Central Botanical Garden on June 8 and 9 had the chance to see it at first hand.


vulitsa-ezha-1 vulitsa-ezha-1


For five years, Vulitsa Ezha has been introducing a variety of street food and promoting leisure time in the city. The festival evolved rapidly and has moved beyond the city this year: this May it came to Grodno and gathered 5 thousand spectators.

In 2019, Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya did its part in that great event. Partnership with Vulitsa Ezha dates back to the May festival in Grodno. People in that city got an opportunity to taste more than 60 kinds of food in food trucks and enjoy our beverages. In early June, Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya acted as a partner of the festival in Minsk. Shortly before the picnic, the organizers drew a picnic cooler and festival tickets among Vulitsa Ezha subscribers. 



A food-court, walkway with food trucks and local market with natural products of local manufacturers were available at the festival. Areas with trade outlets were decorated with Coca‑Cola image-building pictures, small flags and promotional materials. Trading outlets were the place where the guests enjoyed themselves with products of Coca‑Cola Beverages Belorussiya, tasted new beverages and their favourite drinks. They could get comfortable and have a snack in the shadow of Coca‑Cola’s red umbrellas. Many of food trucks together with Coca‑Cola prepared combo-proposals, so it was for a profit to enjoy refreshing drinks and taste new food. The guests had an opportunity to taste more than a hundred of unique recipes, appetite permitting.

The guests relaxed and had fun in the Coca‑Cola zone. Each Vulitsa Ezha guest who posted pictures of the bright photo-zone and collected 50 likes was given a jar of refreshing Coca‑Cola Zero Lemon. Those who liked active leisure were asked to hit the basket three times in a row or stack a Jenga tower. Chilled beverages were provided as prizes.

The environmental patrol ensured cleanliness. Activists from the City Ecology organization watched how food-courts were sorting wastes, what kind of ware was used and how things were organized in their territory. The activists helped the picnic guests to sort wastes and made certain that not a single bottle rolled on the ground.


vulitsa-ezha-2 vulitsa-ezha-2


In the Sarafan Market zone designers’ accessories were sold: bags, brooches, jewels, toss pillows and other hand-made things. Instructors from the Photospot photo- and video school shared tips and tricks of camera shooting. The Kitchen beauty corner invited the guests to have some time for themselves: people could get shoulder and head massage, have their nails polished and their curls braided or hair done.

The experts in the lecture room told about issues important for the city community, e.g. how new architectural projects could make this city a better place, or how crowdfunding could be helpful for the music industry, or how one could get rid of unwanted things or organize a festival. The audience, from designers to entrepreneurs, was curious about the program. Palina, Paradе of Planets, Amsterdam, Groove Dealers, Intelligency and VLNY performed on the festival music scene. The opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, plant a flower, visit a cooking school, make photos in partner zones or recline on the grass with chilled Coca‑Cola – all entertainments took fancy of the guests.