A special truck was sent across Belarus to collect bottle caps to help sick children

A special truck went across Belarus to collect bottle caps to help sick children. It is planned that it will visit over 40 towns during 11 days. The funds received from plastic recycling will go for rehabilitation of children with central nervous system diseases. The truck’s eco-tour is financed by Coca-Cola HBC Belarus.
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The truck will pick up the caps from PET bottles from beverages, household chemicals and perfumes. Plastic caps have been collected by Belarusians throughout the country since July. For this purpose, special yellow containers with invented heroes - "kryshariki" have been installed in public places. Kindergartens, schools, supermarkets, offices, and many others would like to deliver their plastic bags with collected caps.

When the truck is back, tons of plastic will be handed over for recycling. A part of the funds received will be donated for the treatment of Maya and Timofey Gursky. Maya is 15 years old, and this cheerful girl loves music and nature. A 10-year-old Timofey is a very friendly and sociable boy. They both need rehabilitation courses: physical therapy and massage do not allow muscles to atrophy. The children are raised by mother only. She cannot afford to pay for the expensive rehabilitation. So, the funds from the collected caps will be spent to do a good deed. The remaining funds will be distributed for the needs of other sick children under "New Life in Exchange for Bottle Caps" environmental project.

As we promised, a special truck will visit all the towns of the country, where residents have been actively collecting large volumes of caps together with volunteers. The interest to the project is high: people collected caps both on their own and in teams. It is already evident that many residents share the idea of separate waste collection. By participating in the project, they were able not only to take care of nature, but also to help sick children. This is a very illustrative case when joint simple actions of many people can make a very positive impact for all.

Marina Borovko Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus

The project "New Life in Exchange for Bottle Caps" is being implemented by the "SocioEcoCenter" NGO. Thanks to the initiative several sick children from Minsk, Vitebsk, Smorgon and Rechitsa have been rendered help. Another goal of the project is to take protect the environment, as the collected plastic will be sent for recycling.