Coca-Cola HBC Belarus supported the volunteer camp in Yelnya

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“Let's Save Yelnya Together!" is a project aimed to restore dams. It began with the formation of volunteer teams in 2007. After the swamp was drained in Soviet times, the dried up layer of peat flared up instantly in the heat. The fires destroyed plants and animals and threatened human life. The only way to restore the ecosystem was to shut off the outflow of the swamp’s water.

In 2015, the project served its purpose and won the prestigious Grand Prix in sustainability at the International Competition led by the President of Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa Group. Nevertheless, due to climatic conditions, dams still can collapse over time. Therefore, public organizations regularly monitor its condition and repair the damaged parts.

From 11 to 20 September, a public organization "Ahova Ptushak Batskaushchyny" organized a volunteer camp. It was situated near the Sukhoverzhie village (Miory district, Vitebsk region) in the area of Dul canal in the Republican landscape reserve “Yelnya”. 

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Coca-Cola HBC Belarus financed the purchase of necessary building materials for the dam repair. The volunteers were joined by the employees of the Vitebsk branch of Coca-Cola HBC Belarus Sergey Mavrykin and Artyom Yeshchenko along with First Deputy Director General Andrei Roschupkin. As a result, during the work of the camp volunteers repaired 12 dams. This number also includes a dam which was built by the organization “Ahova Ptushak Batskaashchyny” and Coca-Cola HBC Belarus in 2007.