Dobry is an assortment of 100% juices, nectars and fruit drinks, presented in a mass price segment.

In 2020, Dobry is changing not only the design, but also the shape of the packaging, which makes it more attractive for consumers. Now the design focuses on benefits: the amount of vitamins and minerals a glass of Dobry juice can be read on the packaging.



Dobry Juice and Nectars

  1. Introduction

We have revised our portfolio and expanded the range of 100% juices without added sugar. All juices contain only natural sugars from fruits. There is no added sugar in them, so they are good for those who are health and nutritionally conscious.

Dobry Juice & Nectares product line includes: Apple juice, Apple-citrus juice, Apple-grape juice, Tomato juice with sugar and salt with pulp, Birch juice, Orange nectar with pulp, Fruit mix nectar, enriched with provitamin A, Apple, chokeberry and raspberry nectar, Apricot nectar with pulp, Pineapple nectar, Peach-apple nectar, Fruit drink from grapes and cranberries, Fruit drink from grapes, cranberries, lingonberries and cloudberries.

Dobry Pulpy Orange

Dobry Pulpy

  1. Introduction

Dobriy Pulpy is a juice drink that gives bright taste sensations thanks to the combination of fruit juice and citrus pulp. Pulpy was created specifically for those who seek vivid emotions in daily life.