New fruit relaunch of the brand “Moya Semya”

New “Moya Semya” appeared on the shelves of shops and supermarkets in August this year

moya semya moya semya

When saying “new” we mean a complete relaunch of the brand: transition to the category of juice drinks, a new modern packaging and a new advantageous price.

“Moya Semya” is a bright mix of natural fruits, berries and vegetables for perfect mood of all family members!

Bright fantasy names — “Yagoda-Vkusnyagoda”, “Vishnyata-Myata”, “Citrus-Hitrus”, “Multi-Fruti”, “Tomato-selderyato”, “Znatno-Vinogradno” — attract attention and set positive attitude.

“Moya Semya” is available in two package sizes: 1 L and 1,93 L