Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus finances summer rehabilitation session for the children that underwent complex heart surgeries

From 22 July to 2 August 2020 the rehabilitation and health-improving session “Happy Hearts” for children with cardiovascular pathology will be held for the 14th time in a non-medical institution - Children's Recuperation center “Nadezhda XXI Century”

Happy hearts Happy hearts

Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus supports the “Happy Hearts” rehabilitation session for the 9th consecutive year. Despite the unfavorable situation this year caused by the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided not to refuse our support and to keep the project going. It is the achieved results that delight and inspire us to continue the project. This year, the project is funded through the sale of Dobry juice - a portion of the funds raised from sales of each 0.2 l packaging will be transferred for the “Happy Hearts” project. The reverse side of the updated juice packaging design contains detailed information about the “Happy Hearts” project. The raised funds from sales of the product will cover the costs of the children’s rehabilitation session. So, this year everyone can contribute to helping children with us

Marina Borovko Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Belarus

The “Happy Hearts” session is not about medical treatment, but it aims at psychological and general physical rehabilitation of children. A peculiarity of this project is that the children relax on their own, without parents. A special rehabilitation course is being developed by Belarusian Children's Fund, cardiologists and psychologists. The selection of the children for the session is carried out by a special commission of doctors based on the medical reports provided by cardiologists and therapists.

While rehabilitation the children daily attend sessions of speleo, phyto- and aromatherapy, massage, respiratory gymnastics and physiotherapy exercises. For each child an individual sports program is developed based on age and health condition: hiking, cycling, pedaling, playing football, table tennis, volleyball.

Many children who have undergone complex operations feel fear for their future and insecurity, as well as an increased level of anxiety, and lack of communication skills, which often results in various social conflicts. As a rule, such children are often educated at home and are always extremely patronized by their parents and close adults. For most children, the “Happy Hearts” session becomes the first experience of a truly independent life, which helps them become more confident and independent, as well as develop self-care skills.

All participants of the specialized summer session are children under 16 years old from different regions of Belarus. The group usually comprises 41 children and five accompanying persons: a cardiologist, a psychologist and teachers. 553 children underwent rehabilitation during the “Happy Hearts” sessions in the past 13 years.

To know more about the participation in the summer rehabilitation session, please contact Julia Kaptsevich, Project coordinator of the Belarusian Children's Fund, at the number: +375 (17) 247 62 14.

Every person can financially support the rehabilitation session by purchasing “charitable” Dobry juice packagings. There are already the following flavors for sale: apple-grape and apple-chokeberry-raspberry. In the coming month, the rest of the flavors within the product line will appear for sale.